Let’s escape to the wild nature and to the most mesmerizing places of Crete!
Delve into the beauty of the second most visited gorge on the island, Imbros Gorge.
Easier to walk than the renowned Samaria gorge, Imbros is equally captivating with its several narrow stony passages, the steep slopes and cliffs around, the shady trees that protect you from the scorching sun and the wild vegetation. The route is mostly descending but never steep and it takes only about two hours to walk, which it makes it ideal for families with children.
At the end of your hiking, find yourself at Komitades village, where you can enjoy your lunch or a refreshment drink, if you wish.
Afterwards, you will have more than an hour free time to enjoy the famous village of Sfakia, on the south coast of Chania. You can choose between quiet local beaches, several cafes or taverns and many picturesque points for unique photos in order to spend your own time at Sfakia before heading back to your bus with unforgettable memories.
10:00 Arrival at Skaleta for breakfast and WC
11:00 Arrival at Imbros
14:30 Departure from Imbros
15:00 Arrival Sfakia
16:30 Departure from Sfakia
19:00 Heraklion
ROUTE: 240 km
DURATION: app. 11 hours
EXTRAS: Entrance 2.50

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Type of excursion:
Adventure – Educational — Full day
Should take:
Proper walking shoes, photo camera, a bottle of water, fruits or sweets during the walk, swimming gear, bathing suit.
Return to hotels:
19:00 — 20:00
PRICE: 42 €
EXTRAS: Entrance 2.50 €